Is Samthar safe in covid-19 ?

Is Samthar safe in covid-19 ?

Travel Samthar Charkhol Kalimpong in COVID-19 situation !!

Travel Samthar Charkhol Kalimpong in COVID-19!  Is Samthar Charkhol Kalimpong safe place for tourists? How is the COVID-19 situation? How the locals are reacting to the guests at Samthar?… Our phone calls are flooded with this kind of queries. We understand the panic and also understand your eagerness for travelling. Hope you will find all answers in this article. Samthar Kalimpong is COVID free till date. Samthar is sparsely populated. So chances of COVID infection is very less.

Now we have a question for you.

Do you really want to travel freely?  If  ‘yes’  then please travel to Samthar Charkhol Kalimpong. Enjoy this Durga Puja at HOMECALLING Samthar Charkhol !!! Enjoy “DASAI”!!! Don’t miss this great Nepali Festival. HOMECALLING Samthar Kalimpong is the only premium Homestay at Samthar Charkhol Kalimpong. This area is not overcrowded like Charkhol. As a result, the chances of COVID-19 infection is very less!! Moreover, the locals are very friendly. They welcomed the travellers when HOMECALLING Samthar RE-OPENED on September 10th 2020.

Just Think!!

Locals are welcoming the guests without any fear!!! Samtharians are cooking local dishes for you guys!!! We sanitize the rooms of  HOMECALLING Samthar Charkhol regularly. So-called overrated popular tourist places can spread COVID. But at HOMECALLING Samthar chances are rare. So, we are happy to serve!

Moreover, overcrowded tourist spots aggravate the chances of COVID-19 infection. We, Samtharians, are really lucky!!! Samthar is a less crowded, COVID-19 free zone. We are happy with our rivers, 270 Degree Kanchenjunga view and with our darling Panboo!! If you want to feel lucky then be our guest at HOMECALLING Samthar. Spend your vacation in a real COVID free zone in the lap of Himalayas. it’s really safe to travel Samthar Kalimpong. HOMECALLING Samthar Panboo is the best option for You in COVID-19 SITUATION!!!!

Just come and fall in ♥♥♥  .

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